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AASA eLearning Portal

AASA has launched a new resource for members: a web library with a wide variety of information in electronic formats. The AASA eLearning portal features webinars, podcasts and videos members can download or view online. The site is designed to be easily scanned to find subjects of particular...

World Motor Vehicle Market Reports

The 2022 World Motor Vehicle Report (WMVR) is your guide to valuable insights on passenger car and truck information regarding vehicles in operation, production, and density for regions throughout the world including Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East,...

2022 Joint Electrification Trends and Outlook Forecast

In this report, readers will find the latest updates about growth and forecast for the EV automotive aftermarket: A complete projection of the growth of EV of new car sales and vehicles in operation (VIO) through the year 2045 under three scenarios: base, low, and high EV adoption...

2022 Joint E-commerce Trends and Outlook Forecast

In this study, readers will find the latest updates about growth and forecasts for e-commerce growth in the automotive aftermarket. This report includes: A consolidated view of the e-commerce growth through the year 2025 covering e-tailers from Amazon to O’Reilly to Walmart...

2023 AASA Status Report

An extensive compendium of statistics describing and defining the automotive aftermarket sector, the AASA Status Report includes a broad range of information about the automotive aftermarket yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This includes sales forecasts, vehicle demographics, trends in EV and e-...

Aftermarket 2025/2030: An Objective Assessment of New Technologies and Opportunities for Growth

AASA’s landmark study, conducted with PwC’s Strategy&, “Aftermarket 2025/2030: An Objective Assessment of New Technologies... Read More

DIFM Outlook 2025: A Dynamic Battleground

An exclusive study for AASA members regarding the dynamic changes in the DIFM market: DIY vs. DIF Future DIFM... Read More

The Need for Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections

The purpose of the survey was to gauge service technicians responses regarding questions on periodic motor vehicle inspections... Read More

Digital Disruption: e-Tailing in the Automotive Aftermarket

AASA exclusive update and summary of the groundbreaking 2013 report by AASA and Booz & Co., “e-Tailing: Supplier Success... Read More

AASA / ASA "Parts Warranty and Labor Claims" Survey Results

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) joined forces to learn... Read More

Your Changing Role as a Supplier

The role of the supplier has changed and will continue to do so. Battles for local markets and across customer segments are... Read More

AASA 2019 MAP Virtual Summit

The MAP Virtual Summit provided a general overview in addition to the legal do’s and don’ts for those interested in learning more... Read More

Cybersecurity Concerns are Real and Growing Webinar

Dr. Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, shared insights on how COVID-19 and new technology have accelerated... Read More

OE Service Poised for Growth – How to Open the Channel for Your Business Webinar

Explore new opportunities for your business to engage the OE Service Channel. Panelists from DENSO; Brake Parts, Inc; and Ford... Read More

Strategy from the Shop Floor Webinar

Technology changes rapidly for aftermarket suppliers, and equally large shifts occur on the shop floor. But where shop owners... Read More

Betting on India’s Auto Aftermarket – Poised to Disappoint or Prosper?

Pavan Madamsetty and Pilar Dieter from YCP Solidiance discussed the $56.2 billion market and current hype surrounding India’s... Read More

Transformational Leaders - MiX Webinar

This MiX webinar featured Derek Matthews, co-founder of Character Quest, who focused on what it takes to drive results as a... Read More

AASA 2018 MAP/e-MRP Webinar

AASA gathered experts to explore about minimum advertised pricing (MAP) and electronic minimum retail price (eMRP) policies to... Read More

Your Dream Aftermarket Office Is Here

Do you feel your office space needs an update? If you answered yes, you would be with over 85% of the respondents from an AASA... Read More

E-Tailing in the New Normal through Better Data Management Webinar

It has been almost two decades since the introduction of Industry Standards to the automotive aftermarket, and the promise of... Read More