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Business Capabilities in an Evolving Industry

Date: October 4, 2016
Topic: Business Insights, Mergers and Acquisitions

The U.S. aftermarket industry is evolving to a variety of new and different go-to-market approaches and business models, impacting the role of product manufacturers and product suppliers to the market. After a decade of focus on aftermarket distribution channel consolidation, there are now a variety of factors that could reshape the industry model itself.

Many other industries have seen significant changes in the business practices and IT capabilities of product manufacturers at both the B2B and B2C levels. It is clear that the aftermarket will be impacted going forward by digital disruption and new business models.

AASA partnered with SAP to implement a supplier survey that tailored the SAP benchmarking process for the aftermarket. The resulting supplier survey, detailed in the new AASA Business Insights report, “Business Capabilities in an Evolving Industry,” broadens the spectrum of AASA’s annual benchmarking survey findings with additional key performance indicators (KPIs) and best practices in the aftermarket segment, and leverages SAP’s understanding of how digital enablement will impact the business models and processes of aftermarket supplier operations.

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