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AASA 2019 Aftermarket Size & Forecast Report

Date: August 6, 2019
Topic: Aftermarket Data, Aftermarket Outlook

Every year since 2002, AASA has partnered with the Auto Care Association to produce the Joint Channel Forecast Model, a single industry view of the size, growth rate and outlook for the automotive aftermarket. The Joint Channel Forecast Model captures the full impact of diverse parts and pieces of the aftermarket.

In 2016, AASA introduced its companion publication to the Joint Channel Forecast: the “AASA Aftermarket Size & Forecast Report.” While the Joint Channel Forecast takes a broad view of the aftermarket, the AASA Aftermarket Size & Forecast Report focuses exclusively on the supplier’s perspective. It provides additional analysis and insights about the Forecast’s trends and how they will impact suppliers.

The AASA Aftermarket Size & Forecast Report provides industry insight to support medium- and long-term planning. It is available to members in a PowerPoint format, allowing for easy use in company presentations and reports.

The market sizing and forecast is conducted by IHS Markit, the renowned economic and market information firm. The Joint Channel Forecast and the AASA Aftermarket Size & Forecast Report are based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Economic Census, IMR and proprietary IHS data, economic analysis and forecasting models

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