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2023 AASA Replacement Rates Report

Date: October 4, 2022
Topic: Aftermarket Data

The expanded 2023 AASA Replacement Rates Report now covers 13 product categories and 181 aftermarket parts, more than double the number of parts of previous reports. With this expansion, you will now see replacement rates for select parts that drive ADAS and EVs.

All new format! This report is delivered in an Excel Workbook for a more convenient experience and to enable you to more easily pull data from it or work with the data right in the workbook itself. Based on the percentage of private vehicles receiving specified maintenance, you can use this report to calculate product durability, market size estimates and service job variables.

The replacement rate is the percentage of all privately-owned light vehicles on the road that received a specific repair or service job. AASA’s replacement rates are derived from an IMR, Inc. survey of more than 100,000 households maintaining a total of ~250,000 light vehicles each year. Trends in replacement rates over time are very important, and the AASA Replacement Rates Report is the only aftermarket publication that depicts a five-year trend in replacement rates.

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