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2021 Joint Electrification Forecast

Date: November 2, 2021
Topic: Aftermarket Outlook, Business Strategy, New Technology, Service Providers, Vehicle Sales

AASA, in partnership with The Auto Care Association, commissioned the 2021 Joint Electrification Forecast to provide our members with the insights needed to navigate these questions. We are committed to being the first place you go for industry views on how developments like EV adoption will impact the industry. 
Made possible by the invaluable contributions of our research partners, this study was spearheaded by Strategy &, the strategy division of PwC, with contributors IHS Markit, IMR Inc., Schwartz Advisors, and YCP Solidiance. 
In this study, readers will find:

  • A complete projection of the growth of EV of new car sales and vehicles in operation (VIO) through the year 2045 under three scenarios: base, low, and high EV adoption;

  • Projections on total BEV model count by vehicle class, showing how the popular SUV style is driving EV design as vehicle manufacturers provide more options;

  • How EV affects the growth of aftermarket parts sales through 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2045; and

  • How shops can offset projected service opportunities due to EVs with new opportunities created by EVs.

This report is included as a benefit for AASA Members.

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Want a preview? The Table of Contents is provided below. To request an executive summary of this report, contact Philip Atkins


Page #



Authors and Contributors


EV Adoption Drivers


EV Adoption Scenarios; High, Medium, and Low


EV models Increase


EV Adoption Spurred by SUV Models


Parc Forecasts and EV Mix through 2045


Growth in All aftermarket Parts Sales through 2045


Incremental Increases in Parts Sales Due to Electrification


EV Effect of Parts Categories by 2045


Service Costs – EV versus ICE


Potential Service Opportunities Created by EV


What Aftermarket Suppliers Should Do


Terms and Conditions


APPENDIX: The China EV Aftermarket

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