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2017 Annual Aftermarket Digital Survey

Date: September 29, 2017
Topic: Business Insights

The second annual AASA Digital Best Practices survey was conducted during the summer of 2017 and is a follow-up to the initial benchmark study released in 2016. The focus of this follow-up study was to learn: a) how U.S. automotive aftermarket suppliers perceive the importance of best-practice business processes, b) the extent of the coverage (implementation) of those business processes within their organization, and c) how importance and coverage have changed since 2016. It will help the reader draw conclusions about where suppliers should focus their digital transformation efforts across a number of key areas of their business. 

Consistent with the inaugural study, the 2017 survey asked members to evaluate the best practice approach to supply chain within four categories:

I. Digitization of business processes;

II. Supply chain planning and execution;

III. Inventory management;

IV. Customer engagement.

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