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AASA eLearning Portal

AASA has launched a new resource for members: a web library with a wide variety of information in electronic formats. The AASA eLearning portal features webinars, podcasts and videos members can download or view online. The site is designed to be easily scanned to find subjects of particular...

2022 Joint Electrification Trends and Outlook Forecast

In this report, readers will find the latest updates about growth and forecast for the EV automotive aftermarket: A complete projection of the growth of EV of new car sales and vehicles in operation (VIO) through the year 2045 under three scenarios: base, low, and high EV adoption...

2022 Joint E-commerce Trends and Outlook Forecast

In this study, readers will find the latest updates about growth and forecasts for e-commerce growth in the automotive aftermarket. This report includes: A consolidated view of the e-commerce growth through the year 2025 covering e-tailers from Amazon to O’Reilly to Walmart...

2022 AASA Top Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers List

The 2021 Top Suppliers list is live! AASA and our partners at Babcox Media are pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 AASA Top Aftermarket Suppliers List, now available online here with an easy-to-use searchable database and printable digital edition.  Valuable...

2023 AASA Status Report

An extensive compendium of statistics describing and defining the automotive aftermarket sector, the AASA Status Report includes a broad range of information about the automotive aftermarket yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This includes sales forecasts, vehicle demographics, trends in EV and e-...

2022 AASA Aftermarket Size & Forecast Report

In 2016, AASA introduced its companion publication to the Joint Channel Forecast, the “AASA Aftermarket Size & Forecast... Read More

The U.S. Automotive Aftermarket in 2035

The aftermarket is currently dealing with multiple disruptions and this study is designed to help you prioritize what to... Read More

2023 AASA Replacement Rates Report

The expanded 2023 AASA Replacement Rates Report now covers 13 product categories and 181 aftermarket parts, more than double... Read More

AASA 2022 Joint Channel Forecast

Auto Care Association, AASA and S&P Global Mobility (formerly IHS Markit) released an exclusive in-depth look at the size... Read More

E-commerce Market Size & Forecast Report

The E-commerce Market Size & Forecast supplement to the Aftermarket Size & Forecast report is the most comprehensive... Read More

2022 Talk from the Top

Returning as a favorite Vision Conference member-only session, ‘Talk from the Top,’ led by AASA president Paul McCarthy, provided... Read More

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance Report

In this report, supplier members will have the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and how it can have a positive... Read More

AASA Flex Work Survey Report

In early August, AASA asked senior executives and policy makers at member companies to share information about their planning and... Read More

2020 World Motor Vehicle Market Reports

The 2020 World Motor Vehicle Market Reports are your guide to valuable insights on passenger car and truck information regarding... Read More

2021 Aftermarket Outlook

The aftermarket’s growth trend was interrupted in 2020 by COVID-19 so it’s important to stay informed as we move forward. AASA... Read More

AASA Evercore-ISI Aftermarket Market Share Report 2021

AASA is pleased to present this estimate of market shares for Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Genuine Parts, O’Reilly, and Pep... Read More

Jefferies Review of 2020 Automotive Aftermarket M&A Activity

This annual review of automotive aftermarket mergers and acquisitions, and equity activity is provided to you by Jefferies LLC... Read More

Aftermarket Business Opportunities for Vehicle Data

An important study facing a critical issue for the automotive aftermarket that will cover: How data access is... Read More

The Impact of Electrification and Automated Technologies on Business Strategy

In 2017-2018, Strategy& worked with AASA to assess market opportunities through 2030 for the CASE technologies. The result... Read More

AASA Supplier Barometer

The AASA Supplier Barometer is a valuable report for strategic benchmarking and a meaningful tool for providing context to... Read More

Supply Chain Disruption: How Trade Wars, Vertical Integration, and the End of Cheap China Challenge the Global Automotive Supply Chain

USMCA negotiations. Trade Wars. Tariffs. Global political shifts. The end of globalization. The world is changing rapidly, and... Read More

Industry Resources

Curated industry reports and resources available to AASA members are found below. By using this site and submitting... Read More

Digital Transformation: The 'New Retail' Future of the Aftermarket (And How to Win)

The aftermarket is in the midst of change as digital disruption enables an increasingly online-to-offline (o2o) model. The... Read More

Your Dream Aftermarket Office Is Here

Do you feel your office space needs an update? If you answered yes, you would be with over 85% of the respondents from an AASA... Read More

Aftermarket 2025/2030: An Objective Assessment of New Technologies and Opportunities for Growth

AASA’s landmark study, conducted with PwC’s Strategy&, “Aftermarket 2025/2030: An Objective Assessment of New Technologies... Read More