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   Public Policy Impacting Suppliers


What the Aftermarket Needs to Know About Trade and Tariff Policies

MEMA and AASA joined with Aftermarket Business World to present a webinar featuring Ann Wilson, MEMA senior vice president of government affairs, to assist suppliers and channel partners in understanding U.S. trade and tariff policies – what’s in effect now, what lies ahead and how this will impact the automotive aftermarket. (Recorded Jan. 17, 2019)


China Section 301 Exclusions Process

Trade counsel Dave Hamill and Nancy Noonan of Arent Fox LLP addressed the product exclusions process for the first round of 25 percent tariffs on Chinese imports under the 301 tariffs. (Recorded August 9, 2018)


MEMA Webinar: Steel & Aluminum Tariffs

An overview of what companies need to know before submitting exclusion requests under the Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs, presented by Dave Hamill and Nancy Noonan of Arent Fox LLP. (Recorded March 27, 2018)


Changes to California Proposition 65 Regulation

MEMA, AASA and the Brake Manufacturers Council (BMC) have monitored California’s Proposition 65 warnings regulation amendment process and participated in public hearings and comment periods. This webinar, presented by MEMA, AASA and BMC, presents an overview of the new amendment and background information about Prop 65. (Recorded May 3, 2017)


   Business Trends

Joint Channel Forecast Webinar

Shane Norton of IHS Markit, the originator of the joint forecast model, discusses IHS Markit’s latest forecast and what it means for growth in the aftermarket. Since 2002, AASA has partnered with the Auto Care Association to produce the Joint Channel Forecast Model, a single industry view of the size, growth rate and outlook for the automotive aftermarket. It captures the full impact of the diverse parts and pieces of the aftermarket. (Recorded June 13, 2019)

Digital Transformation: The 'New Retail' Future of the Aftermarket (And How to Win) Webinar

Brandon Boyle, Roland Berger partner, joined Barry Neal, Roland Berger partner, in presenting new information and delving deeper into the landmark report from AASA and Roland Berger, “Digital Transformation: The ‘New Retail’ Future of the Aftermarket (and How to Win).” They discussed how new distribution and service models being pursued by existing aftermarket players and new “digital giants” will impact the aftermarket – and what AASA members need to do now to win. 
(Recorded May 16, 2019)

AASA Evercore ISI 2019 Webinar

Michael Montani, CFA, and Oscar Sloterback, head of company surveys, Evercore ISI joined Philip Atkins, AASA director of strategic research and planning on this AASA member-exclusive webinar. Discussion was focused on the total U.S. aftermarket overall demand, and discretionary, maintenance, and failure segments by region with a breakdown of retailer orders versus auto dealer orders. Also reviewed was Evercore ISI’s report on 2018 market shares for the major aftermarket retailers. (Recorded Aug. 1, 2019)

Jefferies Quarterly Update - May 2019

Bret Jordan, CFA, equity research analyst with Jefferies LLC led this webinar featuring an aftermarket outlook followed by trends and shifts currently impacting the aftermarket. (Recorded May 29, 2019)



Jefferies Quarterly Update - January 2019

Bret Jordan, CFA, equity research analyst with Jefferies LLC led this webinar featuring an aftermarket outlook followed by trends and shifts currently impacting the aftermarket. (Recorded Jan. 10, 2019)



Jefferies Quarterly Update - November 2018

Bret Jordan, CFA, equity research analyst with Jefferies LLC led this webinar featuring an aftermarket outlook followed by trends and shifts currently impacting the aftermarket. (Recorded Nov. 8, 2018)


Jefferies Quarterly Update - September 2018

Bret Jordan, CFA, equity research analyst with Jefferies LLC led this webinar featuring an aftermarket outlook followed by trends and shifts currently impacting the aftermarket. (Recorded Sept. 12, 2018)


AASA 2018 MAP/e-MRP Webinar

AASA gathered experts to explore about minimum advertised pricing (MAP) and electronic minimum retail price (eMRP) policies to help members make independent decisions on their pricing strategies. (Recorded Jan. 16, 2018)


AASA OE Service Channel Webinar

Four industry leaders discuss key challenges in the OES channel, automaker all-makes strategies, and business opportunities. (Recorded June 13, 2018)


AASA MiX February Webinar - Transformational Leaders

Available to MiX Members Only

The February MiX webinar featured Derek Matthews, co-founder of Character Quest, who focused on what it takes to drive results as a Transformational Leader. (Recorded Feb. 21, 2019)


AASA AAPEX Event Committee - Positioning Your Exhibit Program for Success Webinar

The Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR) joins the AASA AAPEX Event Committee to discuss ‘Positioning Your Exhibit Program for Success’. Nancy Drapeau, Vice President of Research, reviews what attendees want, exhibitor ROI, how to use attendee engagement to reach your goals and how to use digital and other tactics to maximize outcome. (Recorded June 5, 2019)


AASA AAPEX Event Committee Bear Analytics Webinar

An analysis of buyer attendees at AAPEX from 2012 through 2017 presented by Bear Analytics (Recorded April 4, 2018)


AASA AAPEX Event Committee Insights from Other Industries Webinar

New and exciting ways to increase booth traffic and show awareness from events highlighting other industries. (Recorded March 7, 2018)


AASA AAPEX Event Committee IP Protection Webinar

Presented by Arent Fox: best practices for handling intellectual property issues at AAPEX. (Recorded Feb. 7, 2018)


   Industry Outlook


PODCAST: Aftermarket 4.0: From Digital Process to Digital Products

AASA Vice President Chris Gardner and Bill Newman of SAP discuss opportunities in the automotive aftermarket and a new breed of aftermarket suppliers. (Recorded October 9, 2018)


PODCAST: Digitizing the Automotive Aftermarket: Who's Cashing In?

AASA Vice President Chris Gardner and Bill Newman of SAP discuss digitizing in the aftermarket and who’s cashing in with host Bonnie D. Graham in this two-part podcase. (Recorded March 13, 2018)


PODCAST: New and Emerging Technology in the Aftermarket

AASA Vice President Chris Gardner joins Remarkable Results Radio podcast host Carm Capriotto for this discussion of new and emerging technologies and their impact on the automotive aftermarket. (Recorded April 2, 2018)


The Growing and Transformative Impact of Technology on the Auto Industry

Brian Daugherty, MEMA’s Chief Technology Officer, discusses the impact of advanced vehicle technology on the automotive industry in this webinar with Phil Nussel, online editor of Automotive News.


   Future Forecasts


Aftermarket 2025/2030 Strategy& Webinar

Evan Hirsh, president, Strategy& presents a brief overview of AASA’s latest landmark study, “Aftermarket 2025/2030: New Technologies & Opportunities for Growth,” and answers questions from AASA members. (Recorded May 16, 2018)


   2018 AASA Vision Conference


Speaking Out for Suppliers: It’s What Leadership Is and What Leaders Do

AASA President & COO Bill Long


Q&A: Omni-channel Strategies that Work

Jordan Hettinga, Director of Merchandising, Motors Parts & Aaaaaccessories, e-Bay Motors


Government Advocacy

AASA President & COO Bill Long discusses what your association is doing on your behalf in critical areas


The Three Dragons: Three Competing Views of How the Aftermarket Will Unfold in 2018-2019

Unique panel explores viewpoints from an economist, Wall Street and an Aftermarket analyst


Driving Growth for the Future: Summary of Vision Sessions

Paul McCarthy, Executive Vice President, AASA


Members Speak Out

Interviews with AASA members at the 2018 Vision Conference


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