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U.S. Department of Commerce Requests Comments on Counterfeiting

Date: July 11, 2019
The U.S. Department of Commerce published a notice in the Federal Register on July 10 requesting comments from the public and stakeholders about the state of counterfeit goods being trafficked through third-party online marketplaces. Comments are due by Monday, July 29.
This notice is in response to the April White House Memorandum calling for The order requires the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, together with the departments of Commerce and Justice, to provide recommendations in 210 days on how to address the online sales of counterfeits through better monitoring and enforcement.
This week’s notice outlines a number of questions for consideration, including “How are your interests affected by counterfeit or pirated goods imported through online third-party marketplaces and other third-party intermediaries as those terms are defined in the Presidential Memorandum?” and “What policy remedies, including administrative, regulatory, or legislative changes by the Federal Government (including enhanced enforcement actions) could substantially reduce the trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods and/or promote more effective law enforcement regarding the trafficking in such goods?”
MEMA and AASA have long been leaders in policy discussions regarding counterfeit goods. As such, MEMA plans to submit comments to Commerce in response to this request for comment. If your company is impacted and you would like to participate in the development of these comments, please contact Catherine Boland in the MEMA Washington office as soon as possible.
AASA Supplier Essentials Editor’s Note: This article is from the July 9 issue of Washington Insider, MEMA’s weekly publication on the latest legislative, regulatory, and state policy top stories impacting the supplier industry. To subscribe, contact Ian Snively of MEMA.
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