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New 232 Steel and Aluminum Exclusions Portal is Live

Date: June 13, 2019
The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) will no longer accept 232 exclusion requests on Regulations.gov. Commerce has moved the process over to a new Section 232 Exclusion Portal on their webpage to address some of the concerns that were raised with the previous portal. Both steel and aluminum requests will now exist in one portal which can be found here.
There are several important factors to note for this transition. There is a transition period during which both the regulations.gov portal and the new 232 Exclusions Portal will coexist. While the last day to submit an exclusion request with the old portal was June 12th, any objections, rebuttals, and surrebuttals must be submitted on the site where the requests resides.
The new site requires a submitter to create an account before submitting any request, objection, etc. This allows the inclusion of web-based forms in the portal to address quality control and fix some of the user errors requestors have been experiencing with the old excel based form. This also allows users to easily track their own requests and view all their objections, rebuttals in one area. The new site will also streamline HTS validation by allowing CBP access to the portal to review requests. A user guide on the new portal can be found here.
While there are several other areas where BIS has made improvements to the interface of the site, there are aspects of the process that will remain the same including the review process, time frame for rebuttals/surrebuttals, and submitting CBI via email. For further questions, please contact Melanie Weiland.
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