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AASA’s Technology Council Launches its New “Think Tanks” to Address Four Crucial Topics

ATC’s Think Tanks will cover key areas including: Data Analytics & BI, Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Load Sheets/PIES, and E-Tailing Preparedness.

Date: April 26, 2021
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – AASA’s Technology Council (ATC) recently announced the launch of its new “Think Tank” groups to enable ATC members to engage on crucial topics in the business technology world. The ATC is a forum for networking and exchanging of best practices focusing on current and emerging technologies that support members’ efforts to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and pursue new business opportunities. One of its objectives is to provide business technology professionals with insights on hot topic areas, which is exactly what the Think Tanks are designed to do.
Think Tank topics include: Data Analytics & BI, Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Load Sheets / PIES, and E-tailing Preparedness. The groups will identify ways the automotive industry can offset negative and exploit positive impacts while creating a white paper that highlights the issues, challenges, opportunities, and possible solutions for their specific topics. ATC members will vote to select the best results and award a winner during the AASA Technology Conference scheduled for October 11-12 in Memphis, Tenn.
“Our new Think Tanks help members align on topics they are passionate about and speaks volumes about the mission of the ATC,” said Marylou Hornung, Director of Sales Operations for Bendix. “Sharing ideas, solving the challenges together and creating the direction for future business technology in our industry is what makes each of these think tanks special.”
“The ATC provides members with insights and education, forums to share ideas on advancing business technology, and opportunities to address industry issues,” said Chris Gardner, Senior Vice President of operations for AASA. “The Think Tanks were launched this year and are already meeting all of these objectives and are providing tremendous member value.”
ATC and Think Tanks are only available to AASA members. More information can be found by visiting AASA’s ATC Think Tanks webpage.
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