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AASA’s IP Forum to Address Protecting Brands and Intellectual Property in the Aftermarket

Date: April 25, 2019
Protecting brands and intellectual property (IP) rights is more critical than ever due to increasing counterfeiting, patent infringement, gray market challenges and trademark infringement cases in the aftermarket.
AASA is partnering with other leading industry organizations to bring a broad group of aftermarket professionals together to share best practices and identify new strategies for cost-effectively fighting the problems.
The Aftermarket IP Forum is slated for Thursday, Aug. 15, at Ford Conference and Events Center in Dearborn, Mich. Organizations partnering with AASA to date include:
  • Battery Council International
  • National IPR Center
  • SEMA
The Aftermarket IPC Forum is open to attorneys/counsel, brand managers, and marketing and business development managers for aftermarket products. More details are available here.
Presentation topics may include:
  • Working with the Large Online Marketplaces
  • The U.S. Government as an Ally – Department of Homeland Security
  • The Use of TROs (temporary restraining orders) at Trade Shows – SEMA
  • Does a Company Need Inside Counsel to Fight Infringers? – AASA
  • Why Do the Bad Guys Pick on the Aftermarket?
  • Practical Tips for Fighting Gray Market Goods
  • Washington Update – MEMA, SEMA
  • Roundtable Discussions on New Strategies
Members of the AASA Intellectual Property Council (IPC) are eligible to attend at a significantly discounted rate. Additional discounts available to event sponsors and partners. Contact Megan Gardner for more information. To learn more about the IPC, contact Terry Sakiewicz.
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