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The ‘New Retail’ Future of the Aftermarket: Challenges to Traditional Purchasing Criteria

Date: June 13, 2019
With the entry of “digital giants” in the aftermarket, traditional purchasing criteria will be challenged and new criteria will emerge, according to the groundbreaking report from AASA and Roland Berger, “Digital Transformation: The ‘New Retail’ Future of the Aftermarket (and How to Win).”
Currently, the digital giants have a lower performance than traditional aftermarket players on all purchasing criteria. Traditional players still win the battle of price, delivery speed, right part IDs and technical support, the report notes.
But, disruption on the way. Digital giants have a better performance on some new criteria of choice, such as user experience and online convenience. If traditional players do not improve their offer, digital giants win the battle.
Digital Transformation: The ‘New Retail’ Future of the Aftermarket (and How to Win)” from AASA and Roland Berger focuses on the emerging “new retail” aftermarket, characterized by a strong integration between the online and the offline worlds, differentiated customer experience, and lower cost-to-serve and working capital requirements. Previewed at the 2019 AASA Vision Conference, the full report is available exclusively to members.
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