Why You Should Attend

The AASA Vision Conference is the industry’s premier event for thought leadership on the industry’s most compelling trends and issues. It attracts all functions within aftermarket companies, including executives, sales, marketing, category and product management and more from the aftermarket’s top suppliers and channel partners seeking to gain the insights to develop growth strategies for their businesses. It is a forum for aftermarket professionals to engage, discuss critical issues and learn about industry, economic and technology trends to forward their business interests. 

Why you should attend if you’re a supplier …

The annual AASA Vision Conference offers aftermarket suppliers the opportunity to network with fellow suppliers and key customers. Its format allows suppliers to discuss key industry issues – advanced technologies, global markets, trade policies and the latest developments from Washington and the states – in an open dialogue with key customers. And the event also provides AASA supplier members with an exclusive session which spotlights a key customer and focuses on AASA industry analysis with reports available to members only.

Why you should attend if you’re an aftermarket channel partner …

As the aftermarket adapts to the rapid pace of change in advanced automotive technologies, it has never been more important to maintain an open dialogue between suppliers and channel partners. The AASA Vision Conference encourages participation by channel partners and provides content to spur discussion among all industry participants. AASA’s goal is to encourage conversations at the event and spur collaboration in the aftermarket to drive the industry’s innovation and future growth. 

Why you should attend if you’re a private equity investor …

The automotive aftermarket is in the midst of a renaissance. Very strong market fundamentals – miles driven increasing, owners keeping vehicles longer, gas prices decreasing, to name just a few – has made a strong, stable and attractive $287 billion industry. The aftermarket is a high-tech industry today with a focus on innovation and cooperation to satisfy consumers and create value. Each year, the AASA Vision Conference examines the opportunities for the industry and the strategies for growth. The event provides PE professionals the chance to learn more about the dynamic automotive aftermarket and to network face-to-face with its leaders. 









Common Objections

Below are some common objections that may be given when you request approval to attend the AASA Vision Conference. Following the objections are suggested responses to help you answer with confidence.

Objection #1: Vision Conference is too expensive.

Response: The AASA Vision Conference is my chance to learn about new technologies and new opportunities. I will bring back the knowledge to assist in developing our company’s strategies to take advantage of these opportunities. Key customers will attend the AASA Vision Conference – and so will our competitors. If our company is not there, our customers will wonder why … and our competitors will be glad to talk to them.

Objection #2: You can’t miss time away from work.

Response: I have a plan for handling my other duties during the two days I will attend the AASA Vision Conference. In addition, the information and key take-aways from the Conference will make me more productive and help me bring more value to the company. Here is a copy of the Conference schedule, which includes numerous breaks so that I will be able to answer calls and messages during the event.

Objection #3: We already have others from the company attending.

Response: The value of the AASA Vision Conference is that its key take-aways have applications across company divisions and disciplines. It will increase my worth by helping me build a network of industry peers and giving me important contacts with key customers. Finally, learning together with the rest of the company representatives will increase the value of the entire team.

Objection #4: How will this help us reach our customers?

Response: Many key aftermarket channel partners will attend the AASA Vision Conference, and it will be important for our company’s team to see and be seen by those industry leaders. The Conference finale will be the member-only session “Building New Channels for Collaboration.” The session is focused on insights for AASA supplier members to help us increase collaboration with our customers for increased industry innovation and growth.




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