November 5, 2019 - November 7, 2019 , Las Vegas, NV

With over 2,500 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers showcasing innovative products, services and technologies to 50,000+ targeted buyers, AAPEX 2018 is the can’t miss show of the industry. As co-owner of AAPEX, AASA (the light-duty aftermarket division of MEMA) provides its members a VIP event experience to include important show updates and deadlines, on-site services, networking events, and more.​

  • AAPEX Spotlights High Tech Automotive Aftermarket – AAPEX 2018 will feature hundreds of product announcements and innovative programs to show the impact of technology on the automotive aftermarket.
  • Free Meeting Space - The AASA Member Center is available for use by AASA members throughout AAPEX, and its use grows every year. Schedule your meetings in the private conference rooms today.
  • Grand Opening Keynote Session - Enjoy Breakfast with John King and Karl Rove as we explore How Trade and Elections Could Impact the Aftermarket. This is a ticketed event with limited availability. Be sure to buy your table today and invite your customers to attend this AAPEX Kick-Off Event.
  • AAPEX Technology of Tomorrow: Following a successful 2017, exhibitors will again have the opportunity to use virtual reality, simulators and other interactive interfaces to demonstrate future, innovative automotive technology that is not currently available in the aftermarket. Contact AASA for more information on participating in this section.
  • Let’s Tech – A growing favorite at AAPEX, the Let’s Tech stage will continue to highlight technology in the automotive aftermarket and give exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their own technology. Contact AASA for more information on Let’s Tech.
  • Mobility Garage – Engage buyers, shop owners, and industry leaders in an immersive, technology-driven experience by participating in Mobility Garage. 
  • AASA AAPEX Event Committee - Feel like you are missing important AAPEX information? Join the AASA AAPEX Event Committee to provide feedback, stay informed on show progress, changes & initiatives, and discuss best practices with fellow exhibitors. Contact Liz Goad for more information.
  • #AAPEX18 - Get Social and stay informed on upcoming AAPEX contests and initiatives
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