Many of our members are facing disruptions to their business due to “shelter-in-place” orders from states, disruptions that go against the recommendations of Homeland Security. 

Please find below some key information to help you understand and navigate the situation and take steps to keep appropriate facilities open.

► COVID-19 LinkedIn Forum

► COVID-19 Webinars

► COVID-19 Letters to Members
► COVID-19 Press Releases
► MEMA COVID-19 Resources

► If your employment has been affected due to the pandemic, click here to add your name to the APA Search database for those in transition.

► Health and Safety Guidelines for Suppliers in a Coronavirus Environment

 Impact and Priorities for Dealers, Service Providers, Retailers, and Suppliers

Resources from AASA Affiliates

► Five Realities that eCommerce Businesses Must Adapt to During the COVID-19 Crisis. How eCommerce Companies Should Change Their Communication During the COVID-19 Crisis​ (Classy Llama)
► Pulling Together in the Age of COVID-19 (Incopro)​
► Automotive Parts & Service Consumer Purchasing Behavior During an Economic Downturn (IMR Inc.)​
► Beyond Coronavirus: The Road Ahead for the Automotive Aftermarket (McKinsey & Company)​
► Tips for Landing a Job (Spuhler Associates)​
► Upload Resume for Free Career Advice for Office Professional and Leadership Roles Within the Automotive Aftermarket (Spuhler Associates)
► Ready to Reopen Your Parts Business? Do These Six Checks First! (Strobel Professional Services, LLC)​

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