Several tools and resources are provided for ATC members to help them manage the complexities in working in the online space. Members in many cases are providing data for e-tailers to which they do not even sell, i.e. manufacturers' distributors sell direct to the e-tailers but utilize manufacturers' data.

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Data IP Language

Product and catalog/application data are critical to ensuring correct parts are sold for specific applications. Protecting the integrity and use of the data is essential to ensuring suppliers benefit from the development, design, manufacture, quality control, promotion, inventory, delivery and support of their products. This is extremely important with the growing number of e-tailer websites and online marketplaces and the resulting challenge in tracking what e-tailers are doing with supplier data.

AASA’s legal counsel developed recommended language suppliers can use to strengthen intellectual property rights and protection relative to data. The language is not a standard, rather it suggested for inclusion with agreements the next time customer agreements are developed and signed. The language focuses on the protection of suppliers’ marketing, product and application data.

The language is available to ATC members by clicking here.


ATC E-tailer Directory

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is keeping up with the changing landscape of online marketplaces. For example, who owns Manufacturer parts, brands and data frequently are found on websites that are not authorized to display information on the supplier nor sell the supplier’s parts. The ATC E-tailer Directory provides the URLs and owners of many sites that sell automotive aftermarket products.

Click here to access the ATC E-tailer Directory. Send any additions, edits or changes to Chris Gardner.

Please note the e-tailer directory is optimized for use on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. For any issues downloading the document, please contact Chris Gardner.

Aftermarket Web Traffic Data

The ATC and Connexity’s Hitwise division have partnered to bring you data on how consumers and repair professionals are finding information and parts on the Web. The data is continuously updated and will help ATC members generate a better idea of specific search terms and search methods employed for online research and/or buying of parts, chemicals and tools. This kind of data can help drive online strategies. Data sets available to ATC members only include:

  • Top Non-Branded Automotive Search Terms
  • Most Effective Online Channels in Driving Traffic to the Industry
  • Websites Receiving Traffic from Non-Branded Search Term Portfolio

AASA / Booz & Company e-Tailing Supplier Success Strategies

AASA contracted Booz & Co. to conduct a study of the aftermarket e-tailing landscape. The results of the study and details of success strategies for suppliers are compiled in a report, which is available for members.

Access the Booz report on Supplier Success Strategies.


Online Activity Special Report

“Online Activity” is an AASA Special Report that examines consumers’ growing use of the Internet to search for aftermarket products and services, based on a review of Internet traffic patterns undertaken by Experian Automotive and Experian® Hitwise®. The research included 633 automotive aftermarket industry Web sites from manufacturers, retailers, repair referral providers and AASA’s Top 100 Aftermarket Supplier list.

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