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AftermarketMatch is the aftermarket industry's single place to connect with trading partners (suppliers and resellers) and identify e-commerce and data standards capabilities for each.

Production Launch Webinar
AASA, ACA, and Pricedex hosted a webinar on February 20 from 11 AM to 12 Noon EST to demonstrate AftermarketMatch's functionality, discuss its many benefits to your company and the industry, and describe the simple steps for getting started.  Go to www.aftermarketmatch.com to view the recorded webinar.

AftermarketMatch is presented as an industry service by AASA and ACA.

AftermarketMatch is powered, hosted and maintained by Pricedex Software.


  • Suppliers request match with resellers

  • Resellers request match with suppliers

  • Supplier capabilities

  • Reseller requirements

  • Reports indicate areas where capabilities and requirements between trading partners do not match

  • Trading partner contact information

  • Reports for industry use of standards, versions and fields

  • Data only accessible to authorized trading partners


  • ACES

  • PIES

  • IPO

  • EDI

  • iSHOP

  • Delivery Networks


  • Create aggregate view of requirements and capabilities of trading partners to simplify internal systems/processes

  • Identify areas where your capabilities do not match your trading partner's requirements 

  • Quick view of industry adoption helps plan/prepare future systems/processes 

  • Identify potential trading partners

OnBoarding Checklist
Download this document to learn how to easy it is to get started with AftermarketMatch.

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