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Executive Summary

Technology formerly meant word processing, MIS and EDI. It now encompasses predictive analytics, smart parts, cybersecurity, cloud computing, omni-channel strategies, IoT and the digitization of almost all aspects of the supply chain. 

Success in the aftermarket in many ways is dependent on successful identification, deployment, training employees in the use of, updating and integration of various technologies – many of which companies do not have core competencies in managing. IT’s role in ensuring competitiveness continues to expand, but no longer can stand-alone IT departments manage the breadth of the disciplines and technologies that are emerging and are disruptive.

The AASA Technology Council (ATC) developed, published and updates this Aftermarket Technology Roadmap to guide aftermarket suppliers (and their channel partners) as they research technologies that must be understood, and in many cases, mastered. The Roadmap will be updated continuously to ensure aftermarket technology professionals and newcomers to the industry remain current and in the know.

Technology Roadmap Content

Each major technology is explained in stand-alone chapters, which include Definition, Description, Author and Resources. Links to relative content and related chapters provide additional information and resources. Subject matter experts have contributed content that enables readers to develop a good understanding of the technologies. Logos for ATC valued affiliate members are included with links to their respective websites. View the full document here.

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