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ATC Initiatives Support Member Efforts

ATC initiatives support member efforts to improve internal IT processes, streamline e-commerce processes with customers, benchmark best-practice methodologies for managing IT and Is departments, and identify how to take advantage of emerging technologies.

IT Benchmarking Survey
ATC conducted the first-ever technology survey in the aftermarket industry.


Aftermarket Match
AASA and Auto Care co-present the industry's one place to connect with trading partners to exchange information on e-commerce and data standards capabilities.


ATC E-Commerce Directory
A spreadsheet of e-commerce initiatives as required by dozens of top customers and managed/implemented by third party service providers.


Internal Data Management
Provides information to help suppliers identify best practices for implementing and sustaining a strategic effort to get their internal data in order.


EDI Super Spec
GCommerce created super specifications for common EDI documents to simplify the management of various formats for multiple trading partners.

Provides free automotive aftermarket EDI guidelines that are based on ASC X.12 standards.


Bar Code Guidelines
Bar code guidelines developed by the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA) for the automotive aftermarket.

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