AASA AAPEX Event Committee (AAEC)

The AASA AAPEX Event Committee (AAEC) is a forum for representatives from AASA member companies to exchange ideas on ways to improve AAPEX return on investment (ROI) for exhibitors. Members focus on ways to ensure the long-term health of the event. AAEC membership is open to marketing and show management executives from AASA member companies.

The AAEC and its monthly calls provide the following, and more, to AAPEX exhibitors:  

  • Information on what’s happening “behind the scenes” in planning for AAPEX

  • Updates on the show

  • Exhibitor deadlines and reminders

  • A forum for exhibitors to discuss best practices

  • An opportunity for exhibitors to voice problems, concerns, or praises regarding the show

  • A chance for exhibitors to provide input on new ideas or changes AAPEX is making

  • AASA staff to lead exhibitors through the process of exhibiting (before, during, and after the show)

Contact Liz Goad for more information.

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