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AASA AAPEX Event Committee (AAEC)

The AASA AAPEX Event Committee (AAEC) is a forum for representatives from AASA member companies to exchange ideas on ways to improve AAPEX return on investment (ROI) for exhibitors. Members focus on ways to ensure the long-term health of the event. AAEC membership is open to marketing and show management executives from AASA member companies.

The AAEC has worked with exhibitors to define the following objectives for the committee: 
  • Educate: Hear from AAPEX vendors (mdg, Glasgow, Freeman), industry & consumer media, The Expo Group, and CEIR, among others
  • Inform: What’s happening “behind the scenes” in planning for AAPEX
  • Increase Exhibitor ROI: Get the most out of your AAPEX experience; receive data and statistics to help support goals
  • Assist: Exhibitor deadlines and reminders; help pre-show, on-site and post-show
  • Listen: A forum for exhibitors to provide input, voice concerns, make suggestions to improve the show 
Contact Liz Goad for more information.

Why Should You Join the AAEC?
"Being a part of the industry wide AASA AAPEX Events Committee has a positive impact on our presence at AAPEX, with increased "insider" knowledge, but also giving the opportunity to get to know more people in the industy." – Michele Zgola, Clarios
"Even though I've been an exhibitor since 1994, I continue to learn new things since joining the AAPEX Committee. We value being a member as it helps the planning & execution of our booth each year." – Lynne Branigan, BEX International
"Being a part of the AASA AAPEX Events Committee helps our company get the most out of our AAPEX experience. Whether it's the insider information, guest speakers or the sharing of ideas with other members, I always get new ideas to try and that's saying a lot as someone who has exhibited at AAPEX for 23 years." – Debi Garrett, Mitchell 1

AASA AAPEX Events Committee Executive Leadership Team:
  • Michele Zgola, Clarios – Chair
  • Lisa Chamness, BG Products, Vice Chair
  • Jackie Donahue, BG Products, Vice Chair
AASA AAPEX Events Committee Advisory Group:
  • Erica Chekaway, GOJO
  • Joe Kahle, Spectra Premium
  • April Fristachi, Standard Motor Products
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