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AASA OE Service Council (OESC)

The OE Service Council (OESC) is a forum for networking and the exchange and development of best practices for supplier executives and business solution providers working within the OES channel. The OESC is focused on discussing strategies for selling to and within the OES channel, identifying areas of growth for OE dealers within parts and service, creating innovative solutions to OE dealers’ pain points, bringing best practices from the IAM to OES, and sharing trends and issues on both the supplier and business service sides of this growing segment. ​


  • Develop a voice in the industry for those who service the OES channel

  • Learn how best practices from IAM can be applied in OES

  • Network with other leaders of the OES channel

  • Identify trends and issues that affect the OES Channel

  • Gain perspective from OE dealers to help spur innovation and increase revenue opportunities


  • Who Should Join?

    • AASA members in sales and business development in the OES Channel

    • AASA affiliate and associate members that work within the OES channel in technology, services, data, and/or provide these services to suppliers.

  • Dues

    • $1,200 annually

Executive Committee

  • David Williams, DENSO

  • Nick Viveros, Brake Parts Inc.

  • Michael Hittle, Ford Motor Company

  • ​Tim Albritten, BG Products

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