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AASA Modern Industry eXpertise (MiX)

AASA’s Modern Industry eXpertise (MiX) serves as an advisory council to aftermarket executives with the intent to educate and address business concerns from the perspective of millennials through a reverse mentoring model.  Employees from AASA member companies under the age of 40 qualify for membership.

What does the AASA MiX program provide:

  • Knowledge about leading industry data

  • A platform for discussion for millennials in the industry

  • Networking with industry peers

  • Member companies will receive data and survey findings produced and compiled by MiX

  • The opportunity to work on current and future industry challenges and provide expertise from a millennials point to view

Mission Statement:

AASA’s Modern Industry eXpertise (MiX) is dedicated to addressing and solving industry challenges and concerns by focusing on new ways of thinking and from the viewpoint of millennials.  The challenges that automotive aftermarket manufacturers will face tomorrow should be addressed by the leaders of tomorrow.


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