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AASA Mobility Technology Council (MTC)

The AASA Mobility Technology Council serves to advance the business interests of suppliers of mobility technology applications for the aftermarket.

Mobility Technology Areas

There is an increasing number of suppliers of and technologies for connected aftermarket applications. Data, services, technologies, platforms and applications based on sensor and OBDII connections are emerging daily. Areas of focus for the MTC include telematics, dongles, cybersecurity, data privacy, access to vehicle data, connectivity, ADAS, data analytics, sensors and much more.

What we found when we joined this organization was how open and willing suppliers, aftermarket service chains, and companies that help shape what the auto landscape are open to working with new tech companies…(the MTC) enables us to bring ideas together and get to the end goal faster, which is bringing as much value to the aftermarket and to the automotive and mobility industry. –​ Shiva Bhardwaj, CEO, Pitstop!

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