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Members enjoy many benefits by participating in the IP Committee.

  • Networking: A forum to discuss IP violation trends and violators with fellow IP Professionals​

  • Government Access: Access to government regulatory agencies like Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Patent & Trademark Office

  • IP Technology: Presentations on the latest technologies for tracking, tracing, and monitoring parts

  • Advocacy: A legislative voice through MEMA D.C. office to strengthen IP regulations

  • International IP Solutions: Insights on international IP challenges and discuss potential opportunities to collaborate with foreign governments on solutions

  • Community: The strength of the larger intellectual property community to help advance initiatives and government action

  • Influence (Protecting Lives & Businesses): Influence in creating and access to tools and resources that help navigate and strengthen IP procedures, like the in progress IPC Whitepaper on protecting lives and business which will be used to educate law enforcement, channel partners, U.S. regulatory bodies, U.S. congress and the media.

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