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Chair - Clayton Lindgren, Country Approval Manager & Brand Protection Manager, Robert Bosch LLC

Vice Chair - Bob Stewart, Manager of Aftermarket Service Support and Global Brand Protection, AC Delco / General Motors

Vice Chair - Jack McGrail, Business Development Manager, ZF Services 


IPC Training Webinar for Law Enforcement Agents
The IPC is developing the content for a webinar to train law enforcement agents across the U.S. in different ports, borders and other locations. This is an excellent opportunity to communicate what legitimate products and packaging, counterfeit parts and IP violations are to be used during searches.


IP Solution Provider Directory
A significant IPC member benefit is access to the IP Solution Provider Directory. This resource includes contact information for companies that provide services to manufacturers for IP protection. Categories include attorneys, private investigators, software, track and track devices, holograms, packaging, electronic data protection, online monitoring and several other areas. The directory is only available to members of the IPC.


Association Collaboration
The IPC works with other associations and organizations to share insights into IP violation trends and new solutions and actions that can help address concerns. We have worked or are working with:

  • A2C2 – Automotive Anti-counterfeiting Coalition
  • ABMA – American Bearing Manufacturers Association
  • SEMA – Special Equipment Market Association
  • SIA – Semiconductor Industry Association


Washington, D.C., Activities
The MEMA Government Affairs office advocates on behalf of members on areas such as strengthening IP laws, commenting on the Notorious Markets Listing and providing input to trade-related agreements and discussions with IP components.


Law Enforcement
The IPC enjoys a very strong partnership with DHS, IPRC, ICE, FBI, CBP and others and has law enforcement represented at every meeting.


E-tailers and Online Marketplaces
We have an ongoing activity to work with major online sellers of automotive parts to understand their respective tools and policies, communicate members’ concerns and collaborate on improved IPR environments. Partnerships include:

  • Alibaba – several conference calls; presentation; Q/A session
  • Amazon – conference call; invited to present
  • eBay Motors – hosted meeting during 2017; presentation; Q/A session

Additional online resellers will be added soon.


The IP Policy for AAPEX is maybe the strongest one in the trade show industry. We consistently hear from other shows that would like to strengthen their policies, and several have “borrowed” language from our policy. Members are updated on claims and incidents at each show. Collaboration with A2C2 representatives and the Department of Homeland Security ensures that members’ IPR are protected.

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