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Intellectual Property Council (IPC)

The purpose of the IPC is to advance business interests of members by providing a forum for members to learn about, exchange ideas on and discuss market challenges regarding areas that impact patents, copyright, trade dress and other intellectual property.

Membership is open to regular (manufacturer/supplier) members of AASA, HDMA, MERA or OESA. Individuals must have responsibility for managing brands, trademarks, trade dress, patent protection, anti-counterfeit activities or related areas.

Members enjoy a long list of benefits through membership in the IPC. A full list is available here.

IPC members will meet four times each year. Details are provided here.

Focus Areas

  • Counterfeit Goods
  • IP Policies and Trends in Various Global Regions
  • E-tailing, E-tailers, Online Marketplaces
  • Government Agency Resources and Strategies – DOJ, ICE, FBI, USPTO, IPR Center
  • Trade Show IP Policies
  • What’s Happening -  roundtable discussions of violator activities and best practices for addressing violations
  • Technology Solutions

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