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Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association
P.O. Box 13966
79 TW Alexander Drive
4501 Research Commons, Suite 200
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Main Line: 919-549-4800
Fax: 919-549-4824
AASA is the light vehicle aftermarket division of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA). For more information about MEMA, visit www.mema.org.

Paul McCarthy
President & CEO
Email: pmccarthy@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8812





Chris Gardner
Senior Vice President, Operations
E-mail: cgardner@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8830





Ben Brucato
Vice President of Engagement
Email: bbrucato@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8854





Charley Johnson
Special Advisor to the President






Philip Atkins
​Director, Strategic Research and Planning
Email: patkins@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8856





Megan Gardner
Senior Director of Sales and Marketing
Email: mgardner@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8852





Elizabeth Goad
Senior Director, Programs, Events & Operations 
Email: egoad@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8810





Jennifer Hollar
Communications Manager
Email: jhollar@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8811





Kaylee Mulhollen
Councils and Engagement Coordinator
Email: kmulhollen@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8828





Nikki Rankin
Member Support Coordinator
Email: nrankin@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 843-298-3873





Terry Sakiewicz
Senior Manager, Councils and Engagement
Email: tsakiewicz@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8823





Pepper Wilson
Marketing & Communications Manager
Email: pwilson@aasa.mema.org
Phone: 804-432-5420 









Bill Long
President and Chief Executive Officer, MEMA
Email: blong@mema.org
Phone: 919-406-8813





Ann Wilson
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, MEMA
Email: awilson@mema.org
Phone: 202-312-9246  

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