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The Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice™ campaign advocates for consumer access to and control of vehicle data. Historically, ODB-2 ports have granted vehicle owners and technicians access to vehicle data to assist with maintenance and repair. However, in the digital age of the modern car, vehicle data is now transmitted wirelessly and send directly only to vehicle manufacturers. This campaign represents the interests of all drivers, individual car owners and the independent aftermarket industry that serve them. We're fighting to secure choice and put car data back where it belongs - in the hands of car owners.

Many of the devices we use every day collect our data and transmit it wirelessly to the manufacturer. We know that phones, computers and other devices collect data, and the same is true for the vehicles we drive.

Most new vehicles collect data and sent it wirelessly to the manufacturer. The technical term for this is telematics. Telematics data can include information on:

  • Your driving behavior, such as steering, acceleration and braking

  • Important repair and maintenance data

  • Your GPS location

  • Vehicle health, including fuel use, emissions and engine hours

  • and more.

The Issue

If data is stored on a computer inside a vehicle, the owner can control who has direct access and control of it. But newer vehicles began wirelessly transmitting data — straight to vehicle manufacturers using a technology called telematics. This could leave manufacturers with complete control over who sees vehicle data and how it's used. Potentially, they could share and sell it to third parties without consumers’ consent or knowledge, costing them time and money.

Members of the automotive aftermarket industry depend on this crucial data to assist with maintenance and repair. If vehicle manufacturers control consumer vehicle data, they could limit the number of choices consumers have to get their vehicles repaired and give manufacturer-authorized facilities an unfair advantage over the aftermarket.

The Solution

AASA believes drivers should demand the right to transparency around the data collected from their vehicles, including what was collected, how it was used and with whom it was shared, among other rights. With vehicle data, drivers unwittingly generate new revenue streams for vehicle manufacturers every time they get behind the wheel. They have a right to control it. Read the full Driver Bill of Rights at YourCarYourData.org.


The ability to directly access data from a vehicle is at risk. It will take the united front of the automotive aftermarket industry to ensure that consumers can continue to choose who maintains and repairs their vehicle. We all need to get involved – educate and engage your organization by leveraging the tools within these toolkits.

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What You Can Do Now

Sign the petition today to demand consumers have direct access to and control of their car data.

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