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Aftermarket Effects of the COVID-19 Recession
October 7, 2020
Yes, it’s happened. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has sparked another U.S. recession and a slump in the U.S. automotive aftermarket. Stay-at-home orders have restricted car travel, hurt employment, and ultimately reduced the need and ability to pay for automotive maintenance and repair.  The decreases in miles... READ MORE
Vehicle Maintainer Behavior, Sentiment is Changing Week to Week
September 8, 2020
In July, IMR Inc. began weekly tracking of vehicle maintainer service and repair behavior as well as attitudes and sentiments on various topics to develop leading indicators for the market. Since mid-July, when the tracking study began, DIY activity has increased noticeably on a weekly basis (up 13.2%) with the southern... READ MORE
A Review of Q2 in the Automotive Aftermarket
August 24, 2020
As many of you know, each quarter AASA surveys its members to get a pulse on sales performance throughout the automotive aftermarket. That data is then reported in our quarterly AASA Barometer Report.   But before you dive into the report, here are some top-level insights for benchmarking your company’s performance... READ MORE